Physical Therapy for Vertigo

Vertigo is the sensation of dizziness, spinning, or vertigo. It can be caused by inner ear problems, such as Ménière’s disease, an infection in the inner ear, or by a head injury. It can also be brought on by stress and anxiety. Vertigo may seem like a minor inconvenience at first, but it can quickly escalate into a major problem if left untreated. Some vertigo symptoms include nausea, vomiting and balance problems. Those who suffer from vertigo may have difficulty walking or standing for long periods of time due to their vertigo symptoms. 

The most common vertigo symptom is a spinning sensation. Other symptoms include nausea, vomiting, imbalance, and vertigo-related dizziness. Some may also experience difficulty in focusing their eyes or blurred vision. In addition to these physical symptoms, vertigo can lead to emotional issues such as confusion and anxiety.

Treatment for vertigo depends on what is causing it. If vertigo is caused by an inner ear problem such as Ménière’s disease, treatment may involve medications such as diuretics, anti-nausea drugs, and steroids. Physical therapy can help improve balance and help reduce vertigo symptoms. In some cases, surgery may be necessary to correct the underlying cause of vertigo. 

Vertigo can be a frightening and debilitating condition but with proper treatment, it can be managed effectively. If you are experiencing vertigo symptoms, contact your doctor for an evaluation and treatment plan. 

If you’re experiencing vertigo – feeling dizzy and nauseous, like the world is spinning around you – there is help available. Physical therapy can be tremendously helpful for anyone suffering from this condition. A professional will assess your individual case and create a personalized plan to ease your symptoms and prevent future episodes. With the right program, you’ll soon feel normal again. So don’t suffer needlessly – if vertigo is impacting your life, get physical therapy today! No matter what vertigo throws your way, remember that you are not alone! With the right treatments and lifestyle changes, vertigo can be managed effectively. 

posh physical therapy
posh physical therapy
posh physical therapy


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Client Reviews

I had a great experience with them. I have tried other therapy places but never got the one on one care. My therapist gave me his full on attention and really helped me recover. I couldn't recommend them highly enough.

    Sofia Bilbao

    My experience was top notch. If I can give more then five stars I would. Customer service was fabulous <and all my complaints were addressed, and best of all resolved. Dr. Normatov takes his time to listen > and explain everything in detail. I would recommend this physical therapist to anyone and everyone.

      Danial Ilyaich

      I have had an excellent experience with Posh Physical Therapy. In just a few visits I have achieved excellent results. Solomon is patient and professional. The personal 1 on 1 sessions provide the individualized attention I was hoping for. I'd give my experience more than 5 stars if I could.

        Steve Hall

        Very impressed with posh pt. It was very easy to schedule an appointment. My physical therapist was great! He took the time to listen about my ankle injury and formulate a great treatment plan. I was able to go back to normal activity quicker than expected. Highly recommend!

          Madalyn Rivas


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