No Insurance Physical Therapy For Elbow Pains In Delray Beach, FL

Have Elbow Pains? Get Treatment From A Physical Therapist

If you suffer from elbow pain, it may be time to seek medical treatment. Your doctor can recommend physical therapy and determine the cause of your condition. If your pain is persistent for more than two days, you should also seek medical attention for further evaluation. Your therapist will perform a physical examination to determine the best treatment for your particular case. In some cases, a cortisone injection may be necessary or a surgical procedure may be needed.

Your elbow pain may be caused by several factors, including repetitive motion, trauma, or a work-related injury. For the best results, a physical therapist will evaluate your condition and prescribe exercises to treat the cause of your pain. In some cases, you may be able to do these exercises at home. If your symptoms are chronic, you may be able to recover faster through a more targeted exercise program.

Restore Mobility To Your Elbow With Physical Therapy

In extreme cases, surgery may be necessary to relieve your pain and restore function. There are many surgical procedures available to treat elbow pain. For people who prefer non-surgical options, a physical therapist can prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications to reduce inflammation. A physical therapist will also help you learn and execute exercises that will prevent the elbow from becoming stiff again. Some patients may require a brace or splint to wear at night.

Elbow physical therapy can help to reduce stiffness and inflammation in your elbow. During the treatment, your physical therapist will identify the causes of your elbow pain. They will then show you specific exercises that will help alleviate the pain. In addition to strengthening your muscles, your therapist will also show you specific exercises to strengthen and increase your strength. They can also help you reduce your risk of developing any other serious condition.

Physical Therapy Evaluation 

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