No Insurance Physical Therapy For Ankle Sprains In Delray Beach, FL

Physical Therapy Will Help With Ankle Sprains

When you suffer from an ankle sprain, physical therapy may be the best option for treatment. This therapy is usually performed by a physical therapist and is designed to help you return to full activity as soon as possible. There are several benefits to this therapy, including improved joint motion and decreased pain. During treatment, your physical therapist will teach you exercises to strengthen and restore ankle stability. You will also be able to prevent recurrent injuries with this therapy.

First, a physical therapist will assess the severity of your injury. They will perform tests to determine whether you have a fracture or other problem. If you have a moderate injury, your physical therapist will likely perform a manual ankle test to determine if there is any instability. If you have a more severe ankle sprain, your physical therapist will also perform x-rays and magnetic resonance imaging to determine the extent of the injury and to rule out serious problems.

Fix Your Ankle With Physical Therapy

This test can help you determine whether you can safely return to activity. A physical therapist may also collaborate with an orthopedic physician to provide more thorough treatment for your ankle sprain. The doctor can recommend a specific exercise program for your recovery and determine if physical therapy is necessary. You will need to consult with your doctor about any further tests, such as ultrasound.

The physical therapist will also recommend exercises to improve the flexibility of your ankle and prevent future injuries from occurring. They will also prescribe braces if necessary. Often, you will need to go into the physical therapist’s office for at least a few weeks to recover fully from your ankle sprain. This can take two weeks to two months. This is because your recovery from this injury is not immediate, and you may require more treatment.

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