No Insurance Physical Therapy For Ankle Pains In Delray Beach, FL

Treat Your Ankle Pains With Physical Therapy

A physical therapist can treat the causes of ankle pain with various techniques, including hands-on therapy. They may also use different types of technologies, including ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and taping. In some cases, they may prescribe a special brace for the ankle, which can help speed up recovery and decrease the pain and swelling. A physical therapist can also provide advice on the appropriate exercises to perform. Listed below are some of the most common forms of physical therapy for the ankle.

A physical therapist will conduct a comprehensive assessment to identify the cause of your ankle pain. They will examine your foot movements and see if you have any tight muscles in the area. If your doctor believes you have a grade two or three injury, they will order additional tests to rule out any underlying conditions. Once an evaluation has been completed, a therapist will recommend the best form of treatment based on your needs and your condition.

They will also use passive modalities to improve mobility and reduce pain and inflammation. They may use ultrasound or electrical stimulation to help improve circulation. Passive modalities include heat and ice therapy, which can improve circulation and ease pain. Your therapist will evaluate your symptoms to determine the best course of treatment for you. If you’ve had surgery, a physical therapist can recommend a treatment plan based on the results of the x-ray.

Physical Therapy Will Relieve Your Ankle Pains

If your physical therapist finds that you have tight ankle or foot muscles, they can prescribe specific exercises to restore joint mobility and flexibility. Ankle sprain symptoms include the inability to bear weight on your injured foot or hearing a popping sound at the time of the injury. If you’ve recently injured an ankle, a physical therapist can also give you tips on strengthening and stretching your injured ankle. It’s important to get treatment for ankle pain as soon as possible to avoid reoccurring injuries and keep you active.

In addition to exercise, physical therapy can also treat underlying problems, such as plantar fasciitis. The therapist will teach you exercises to increase your endurance and decrease pain. Several common orthopedic surgeries involve the release of the plantar fascia. A physical therapist may recommend stretching and strengthening exercises for the patient to perform at home. These treatments are often more effective than medication and can be more affordable. During the course of treatment, your therapist will assess your condition and discuss the best treatment process.

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