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Neuropathy is a general term used to refer to a range of diseases affecting the nerves. These diseases can lead to disruption in sensation, movement, and other neurocognitive functions.

There are many types of neuropathy, all of which can cause different symptoms and require varying levels of treatment. Some common neuropathies include diabetic neuropathy, post-herpetic neuropathy (caused by shingles), chemo-induced neuropathy, neuropathic arthritis, or entrapment neuropathy (caused by pressure on a nerve). Other neuropathies can be caused by genetic conditions such as Charcot-Marie Tooth disease and hereditary motor sensory neuropathies. Finally, some neuropathies may have an unknown cause and are known as “idiopathic peripheral neuropathy”. All neuropathies require a diagnosis to determine the cause and provide an appropriate treatment plan.

Symptoms of neuropathy vary depending on the type and severity of nerve damage; however, common signs include numbness and tingling, pain, muscle weakness or paralysis, difficulty walking or feeling balance issues, digestive problems such as nausea or constipation, and difficulties with vision or hearing. Additionally, neuropathy may be caused by genetic factors, exposure to toxins or certain medications, infections from viruses like HIV/AIDS or Lyme disease, metabolic imbalances like diabetes mellitus or kidney failure. 

There are many risk factors associated with peripheral neuropathy, including diabetes, alcohol abuse, certain medications (such as chemotherapy drugs), vitamin deficiency, autoimmune disorders such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis, and infections such as HIV/AIDS or Lyme disease. Additionally, those who have had physical trauma to the nerves can be at risk of developing neuropathy. People over the age of 50 may also be more likely to develop neuropathy due to age-related changes in nerve function. Finally, certain genetic conditions make people more prone to developing neuropathy.

Neuropathy may be caused by genetic factors, exposure to toxins or certain medications, infections from viruses like HIV/AIDS or Lyme disease, and metabolic imbalances like diabetes mellitus or kidney failure.

Treatment for neuropathy includes lifestyle changes such as avoiding smoking and alcohol, physical therapy, medications to control pain or inflammation, and neurosurgical procedures. Ultimately, neuropathy is a debilitating condition that can significantly impact one’s quality of life; however, with proper diagnosis and treatment it is possible to manage symptoms and improve overall health. 

Neuropathy is often diagnosed through careful evaluation of neurocognitive and physical function. Tests may include neuroimaging such as MRI or CT scans, nerve conduction studies, lab tests to evaluate for other conditions or toxins that could be causing neuropathy, blood tests to measure vitamin levels, and electrodiagnostic studies. Additionally, a nerve biopsy may be performed in order to examine the structure of nerves for further insight into neuropathy.

Yes, it is important to discuss any neuropathy symptoms with your doctor in order to receive a proper diagnosis. Your doctor may recommend further testing or treatment depending on the cause and severity of neuropathy. Additionally, lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking or excessive alcohol consumption and maintaining a healthy weight can help reduce neuropathy symptoms.

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There are several benefits to physical therapy for neuropathy. The goal of this therapy is to improve stability and support while performing activities. It considers the patient’s progress and introduces new techniques and methods for improving functions and achieving wider movements. Effective physical therapy for neuropathy considers the patient’s strengths, weaknesses, and limitations. It is important to follow your doctor’s recommendations, as well as the specific needs of the individual. Physical therapy for neuropathy is effective in reducing symptoms, as well as helping to control blood sugar levels.

Physical therapists are trained to understand the needs of people that have neuropathy. Their knowledge of neuropathies can benefit patients by prescribing exercise programs. Exercises for neuropathy should focus on lower-impact forms of exercise that do not put pressure on the nerves. Low-impact exercises, such as walking or riding a recumbent bike, are often recommended. Avoid high-impact exercises like running or jumping, as these can cause foot problems. Several seated exercises are also effective for neuropathy patients.


Many people who suffer from peripheral neuropathy may find it difficult to exercise. Because this condition is characterized by weakness of the muscles, physical therapy can help patients improve their range of motion and reduce pain. Physical therapists use a variety of methods to manage pain and help patients return to regular activities. For example, a physical therapist may suggest exercises that develop muscles to relieve pressure on the nerves. These exercises can improve blood circulation and strengthen the nerve tissues, which will in turn reduce the amount of pain experienced. For some patients, numbness and pain in the feet can make walking difficult and increase the risk of falls and other injuries. Speak to our physical therapist at Posh Physical Therapy about your neuropathy today. 

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