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Muscle Recovery

Exercise-induced muscle damage (EIMD) can often occur after an intense training session, workout, or any sport-related activity.

The destruction of skeletal muscle fibers causes inflammation that will decrease your physical performance in sport or when training. It can also cause you to feel delayed muscle soreness (DOMS), which can result in a temporary decrease in your muscle strength.

To achieve optimal muscle recovery we have put together a combination of the best techniques and methods that will help you recover faster and train harder.

There are many ways to recovery that include biological, pharmacological, mechanical, and nutritional. All you need is, proper electrolyte hydration, nutrition, and sleep. Let us take care of the rest!

Achilles Tendon Rupture

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Popular Programs

All of our programs were designed by doctors of physical therapy. Multiple hours have ben spent reviewing all of the current research to create the best recovery programs for you. All of these recovery programs have been elite athletes and are now available to you, the weekend warrior, the busy mom, CEO, or just the average Joe.
posh physical therapy

Heat & Vibration Therapy

Increase blood flow and circulation to your skin, muscles, and joints.
posh physical therapy

Stretch Program

Improve your muscle flexibility that will prevent injury.
posh physical therapy

Clinical Red Light Therapy

Increase soft tissue repair and healing.
posh physical therapy

Lower Extremity Compression

Help increase blood flow, circulation, and decrease the feeling of muscle soreness.
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Client Testimonials

I have been feeling a constant achy feeling in my legs after my workouts that did not seem to go away for months until I tried a recovery session at Posh physical therapy and I felt like I was walking on clouds. My legs never felt better. I felt that I would run for longer and was able to increase my squat weight in about 1 week. This is an amazing concept! Thank you for creating this, I’m very pleased and highly recommend it to anyone who workouts especially if you do a lot of HIIT workouts like me!

    Lauren S.

    The heat and vibration really helps warm up my shoulders and losses everything up. I feel a lot more range of motion when I’m in dance practice. I feel like it really helps my mobility and flexibility. I will definitely be sticking to this routine! It is just what I was looking for and needed!

      Kim R.

      I was very skeptical about getting a membership with Posh recovery, however, after one session of their free one-week trial, I was blown away! I workout 5 days a week and have not taken a day off in 5 years. My body felt renewed. All those aches and pains have substantially gotten better. I was able to get back in the gym and train like never before and at an advantage over everyone else! It is a must-have for anyone that plays any sports or athletic activities.

        Martin B.


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