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Hand Therapy In Delray Beach, FL

Hand Therapy in Delray Beach,Fl.

Hand Therapy is a form of physical therapy or occupational therapy that focuses on treating the hand and wrist. It involves exercises, stretches, massages, and other treatment methods designed to relieve pain, improve function, and restore movement in individuals with injuries or conditions related to their hands.

The benefits of Hand Therapy are numerous. For example, it can help reduce pain and inflammation caused by carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), as well as improve strength and range of motion; it can also reduce swelling, increase mobility, provide relief from tendinitis pain; aid in restoring movement in a fractured or dislocated joint while helping to reduce any discomfort associated with it; alleviate stiffness and pain associated with arthritis while improving muscle strength and flexibility in the affected joints; relieve symptoms of (Repetitive Strain Injuries) RSI such as numbness or tingling sensations in the hands or wrists; and help regain function lost due to paralysis on one side of the body, which includes regaining grip strength and dexterity for everyday tasks like cooking or writing.

Our hand therapists assess the condition of the hand or wrist and develop an individualized plan for each patient based on their specific needs. We specialize in hand therapy right here in the heart of Delray Beach, Florida. We offer premium high-end one-on-one physical therapy treatments to our clients and members.

Hand therapy is a type of physical rehabilitation that specializes in restoring function and reducing pain in the hands, wrists, and forearms due to injury or illness. The purpose of hand therapy is to restore strength, flexibility, coordination, range of motion (ROM) and other abilities related to the structure and movement needed for daily activities.

Some benefits include improved mobility; increased strength; reduced stiffness; decreased pain; better ability to perform everyday tasks; improved appearance from scar reduction techniques; better circulation from massage techniques used during treatment sessions.

Treatments may include exercise programs involving stretching, strengthening, and functional movement activities as well as manual therapy such as splinting/orthoses fabrication/application, soft tissue mobilization (massage), and joint mobilization among others. Additional modalities like laser or ultrasound can be used depending on the assessment findings by the therapist.

It is important to find a hand therapist you are comfortable with – someone who listens to your concerns, understands your goals, and can provide the best treatment for your needs. You may want to do research on different therapists in your area before making an appointment so that you can find one that is well-qualified and has experience in dealing with similar conditions as yours. Additionally, you should ask any questions you have during your first session so that you know exactly what type of therapy to expect from the therapist.

Hand therapy helps alleviate stiffness and pain associated with arthritis while improving muscle strength and flexibility in the affected joints. Additionally, massage techniques used during hand therapy have been shown to provide temporary relief from pain associated with arthritis. 

Hand therapists are specialized in treating a wide range of conditions, including trauma from accidents such as fractures or lacerations, arthritis, tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, nerve injuries, and burns. They can also provide treatments for chronic conditions like Dupuytren’s contracture or stenosing tenosynovitis (trigger finger). In addition to these conditions, hand therapists are knowledgeable in managing congenital differences such as syndactyly or polydactyly.

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"I had a great experience with them. I have tried other therapy places but never got the one on one care. My therapist gave me his full on attention and really helped me recover. I couldn't recommend them highly enough."

    Sofia Bilbao

    "My experience was top notch. If I can give more then five stars I would. Customer service was fabulous and all my complaints were addressed, and best of all resolved. Dr. Normatov takes his time to listen and explain everything in detail. I would recommend this physical therapist to anyone and everyone."

      Danial Ilyaich

      "I have had an excellent experience with Posh Physical Therapy. In just a few visits I have achieved excellent results. Solomon is patient and professional. The personal 1 on 1 sessions provide the individualized attention I was hoping for. I'd give my experience more than 5 stars if I could."

        Steve Hall

        "Very impressed with posh pt. It was very easy to schedule an appointment. My physical therapist was great! He took the time to listen about my ankle injury and formulate a great treatment plan. I was able to go back to normal activity quicker than expected. Highly recommend!"

          Madalyn Rivas

          The most rewarding part of my job is helping others reclaim their health and wellness.

          Dr. Solomon Normatov
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          Hand Therapy in Delray Beach,Fl

          Before beginning a hand therapy session it is important to provide the therapist with medical history, allergies, and conditions prior to surgery if any. It is also key to finding a qualified and experienced therapist who listens to your concerns, understands your goals, and can provide the best treatment for your needs. By availing of appropriate hand therapy services patients with injuries or disorders in their hands and wrists can benefit from improved function, strength, and ROM while reducing pain and discomfort associated with these conditions.

          The goal of hand therapy is to improve the patient’s overall function and quality of life. The treatment helps reduce stiffness and pain so that they can perform everyday tasks more easily. It can also help improve circulation through massage techniques which help reduce scarring from previous injuries or surgeries. Additionally, hand therapy helps promote better healing by providing support for weak joints and damaged tissue.

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