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Delray Beach Physical Therapy Questions & Answers

Your Physical Therapy Questions Answered

It is not required for you to be seen at our practice; you can either call us or book an appointment online. We often have immediate appointments available within the same day or within 24hrs. Having quick or immediate access to your physical therapist can often be the difference between your condition being acute or chronic.

Your initial evaluation will include a detailed description of your current symptoms, a full examination of the affected area, an optimal treatment plan, and a comprehensive home exercise program, and a injury prevention guide ensuring ultimate recovery using the latest research driven treatment methods.

Although many people will experience relief in symptoms after the first visit, it will not indicate that you are all cured. In order to get full benefits of your physical therapy, it is best to stay the full course of treatment to ensure that your pain and symptoms have fully resolved and future injury is prevented. The frequency of your visits will be determined by the therapist and you making sure it aligns with the proper goals and objectives. Typically, treatments will require anywhere from 1-3 times per week lasting approximately 4-6 weeks for simple injuries. This is why we put a lot of emphasis on your initial evaluation to make sure we cover all suspected areas of impairments and get a clear understanding of what is happening and how long it will take to resolve your symptoms.

Yes, every patient will be taught how to treat themselves at home using self-treatment techniques, activity modification strategies and corrective exercise. You will receive a personalized treatment program for treatment and long term prevention of your condition so you can stay fit and healthy without requiring  pain medications, injections, and potentially avoiding surgery.

No, we do offer a comprehensive telehealth / telerehab examination and assessment of affected areas. You can visit our partners at virtualptdoc.com and schedule a live virtual online consultation for free if you click on the following link: https://virtualptdoc.com/virtual-physical-therapy-appointment/

Loose comfortable clothes such as shorts, t-shirt for men and sleeveless shirt or tank top for females that will have access to visibly examine, palpate, and treat the affected areas of your body. If that is not possible, then you will be able to change into the appropriate clothing upon arrival for examination. 

We perform various types of treatments depending on your injury and will customize a unique exercise program combining the best techniques specific for your particular injury. The modalities and techniques we use are but not limited to soft tissue massage, percussive massage, joint mobilization, electrical stimulation, stretching, therapeutic exercises, hot packs, cold packs, cupping, and Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM).

At the Posh Physical Therapy, you will always see the same physical therapist that you start with, except for special circumstances such as scheduling difficulties or special diagnoses.

Generally, your initial visit will last approximately 1 hour since the therapist will need to evaluate your condition, provide treatment, and give home instructions. Following visits may last from 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on your injury and level of activity.

Yes, please do if you have the report. Although we can request these from your doctor or lab facility, it is better if you provide them for us during your first visit so that we can perform a more complete and accurate evaluation. You will be asked to fill out some basic paperwork, so don’t forget to bring your prescription or rehab protocol if you have one. 

We do not accept any insurance plans. Our main focus is providing quality care without the burden of billing insurance that takes away from the experience. If you want to submit a claim on your own behalf, we can provide you with the necessary paperwork to submit to your insurance company that may or may not reimburse you for the services rendered.

  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to check in.
  • Bring all necessary documents including your ID, physicians prescription (if you have one), list of medications, radiographs (MRI’s, X-rays), and rehabilitation protocol.
  • Bring or wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing and a pair of rubber soled sneakers.

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